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Ullu Best Web Series 2023 : Don’t Mistake to Watch these 2 Ullu Hot Web Series with Family

Ullu Web Series, an esteemed Indian digital streaming platform, is renowned for its production and distribution of adult-oriented content. Catering to mature audiences, it boasts a diverse selection of web series, short films, and original shows. With a soaring popularity, Ullu has emerged as a major player in the digital entertainment landscape, drawing viewers seeking distinctive and adult-centric content. In this article, I will introduce you to two of Ullu hottest and Best Web Series in 2023, which feature bold and hottest scenes, thus don’t mistake to watching them with family.

Ullu Best Web Series 2023

According to the audience perspective, the Best Web Series 2023 are “Siskiyaan” and “Bikau.” These two Ullu productions have captivated viewers and garnered significant acclaim.

1. Siskiyaan Season 4 Ullu Web Series

The Ullu App recently premiered the highly anticipated “Siskiyaan Season 4 – Part 2” web series, offering an abundance of thrilling and exhilarating moments. Building on the success of their previous web series and their respective parts, the Ullu app continues to maintain a strong track record. The show features talented actors such as Noor Malabika, Pihu Singh, and Sohail Khan in prominent roles. For those eager to catch all the latest episodes, “Siskiyaan Season 4 – Part 2” available on the Ullu app starting from June 23, 2023.

Title  Siskiyaan Season 4
Category Drama and Romance
Director Punit Goyal
OTT Platform Ullu Original App
Season 4
Star Cast Pihu Singh, Noor Malabika, Tarakesh Chauhan, Sohail Khan
Release Date 23 June 2023
Running Time 25 Minutes
Country India
Language Hindi


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Siskiyaan Season 4 Web Series Trail Release

The trailer of this web series has not been released on YouTube, and the release date has not been disclosed in the trailer. However, we can confirm that the web series is scheduled to be released on June 16, 2023.

Siskiyaan Season 4 Web Series Release

Siskiyaan Season 4 Web Series release o 23 June, 2023 at Ullu App.

Siskiyaan Season 4 Web Series Story

Renu and Babu ji were living a blissful life until an unexpected intrusion disrupted their perfect harmony. Babu ji’s old friend, accompanied by her young daughter-in-law Neha, entered their lives, and a new dynamic began to unfold. Neha’s presence captured Babu ji’s attention, overshadowing Renu, leading to a captivating chase between the two women for Babu ji’s affections, control over the household, and ultimately, a quest for pleasure.

How to Watch Siskiyaan Season 4 Web Series Online?

You can access all the web series and Dream Girl films offered by Ullu App by downloading it from the Playstore and subscribing for a fee.

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2. Bikau Part 2 Ullu Web Series

“Bikau” is a Hindi language web series available for streaming on the Ullu app. The first part, “Bikau Part 1,” was released on June 27, 2023, followed by the release of “Bikau Part 2” on July 4, 2023. The series is directed by Raifee and falls under the banner of Ullu Originals. The cast includes Shyna Khatri, Smita Paul, Somit Jain, Santosh Kumar, Rahul, and Prashant Yadav in lead roles. Below, you will find comprehensive information about the “Bikau” web series, including its storyline, cast members, release dates, and episode details.

Title  Bikau Part 2
Category Drama and Romance
Producer Ullu Original
OTT Platform Ullu Original App
No of Episodes 02
Star Cast Shyna Khatri, Prashant Yadav, Samita Paul
Release Date 4 July, 2023
Running Time TBA
Country India
Language Hindi and Multi languages


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Bikau Part 2 Web Series Trailer Release

The official trailer of Bikau Part 2, the Ullu Web Series, was released on Ullu’s official YouTube channel not long ago. It was strategically launched to generate excitement among the audience, and it has already amassed thousands of views within a brief span, receiving positive feedback from viewers. If you haven’t watched this captivating trailer yet, we highly recommend checking it out on YouTube without delay.

Bikau Part 2 Web Series Story

The narrative centers around Sudha, a girl deeply devoted to her boyfriend. When her boyfriend faced financial hardships, Sudha found herself driven to help him in any way possible. In her determination to fulfill his monetary needs, she made unfortunate choices that set her on a path of deception and dishonesty.

In her sincere desire to support her boyfriend, Sudha engaged in actions she never thought she would. The weight of her secrets grew heavier, entangling her in a web of lies that only brought further trouble and anguish.

As the lies accumulated, Sudha’s conscience began to suffer, and she struggled to come to terms with the harm her actions were causing, even impacting the trust within their relationship. The desperation to provide for her boyfriend had pushed her to cross boundaries she had never imagined she would.

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How to Watch Bikau Part 2 Web Series Online?

If you are interested in watching Bikau Part 2, the Ullu Web Series, online, we would like to inform you that it is readily available on the Ullu OTT Platform. To access it, you simply need to become a member of the Ullu OTT Platform, which requires a small fee. Don’t miss the chance to become a member and enjoy the series at your convenience.

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