10 reasons why US Dollar will continue to rise

By Satyajit 26/09/2022

Morgan Stanley Says that Dollar Surge Tends to End in Crisis.

Reasons  No. 10

The US dollar’s recent rally is creating an “untenable situation” for risk assets including stocks.

Reasons  No. 9

Wilson sees an “eventual low” for the benchmark S&P 500 Index coming later this year.

Reasons  No. 8

In upcoming days it will touch 3,000 to 3,400 point-level.

Reasons  No. 7

With Morgan Stanley calculation the surging dollar hurts the value of US companies’ international sales.

Reasons  No. 6

Every 1% change in the Dollar Index has a negative 0.5% impact on profits.

Reasons  No. 5

In 4th quarter S&P 500 earnings will face an approximate 10% headwind from the stronger currency.

Reasons  No. 4

The strategist, who correctly predicted the slump in US stocks this year.

Reasons  No. 3

Bank of America Corp. strategists, citing EPFR Global data, said on Friday.

Reasons  No. 2

What’s amazing is that this dollar strength is happening even as other major central banks are also tightening monetary policy at a historically hawkish pace.

Reasons  No. 1

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