Kourtney Kardashian claps back at Pregnancy

Alec Rae Baldwin is an American actor and comedian.

Hilaria Baldwin is an American yoga instructor, entrepreneur, podcaster, and author.

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin met with each other in February 2011 at Sarma Melngailis, New York restaurant.

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin became engaged in April 2012 and married on 30 June 2012.

The couple already has six children together and their Baby No. seven was just born on 22 September 2022.

The new baby girl has been named Ilaria Catalina Irena and her photos were shared by the celebrity couple on Instagram on the 24thof September.

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin said they were so excited to introduce to their new baby tiny dream come true.

The American yoga instructor and author Hilaria, who shared her photos with the baby just after she was born.

Kourtney Kardashian claps back at Pregnancy

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