Anna Mani Indian physicist Birth Anniversary

By Satyajit 23/08/22

Anna Mani was an Indian physicist and meteorologist. She is one of the biggest names in Indian physics whose enabled us to make accurate weather predictions. 

Anna Mani was born on 23 Ausut, 1918 at Peermade, Kerala in a Syrian Christian family. 

Anna Mani’s father was a civil engineer. The Mani family was a typical upper class professional household. 

In 1939, Anna Mani graduated from the Pachaiyappa’s College in Chennai with BSc Physics and Chemistry. 

In 1940, Anna Mani won a scholarship for research in the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, where she studies spectroscopy under Nobel Laureate Sir CV Raman. 

In 1945, Anna Mani went to Imperial College, London to pursue graduate studies in physics but ended up specializing in meteorological instruments. 

Anna Mani was a physicist with Gandhian values, as she used to wear Khadi clothes. Her work helped India in weather forecasts and in renewable energy. 

In 1950, Anna Mani created a network of solar radiation monitoring stations and published many papers on sustainable energy measurement. 

In 1987, Anna Mani became the Deputy Director General of the IMD and was awarded the Indian National Science Academy, K.R. Ramanathan Medal for her contributions to the science. 

In 1994, Anna Mani suffered a stroke and on 16 August 2001, Anna Mani was died in Thiruvananthapuram Kerala, at the age of 82. 

Google Doodle is celebrating the 104th birth anniversary of renowned yet underrated physicist and meteorologist Anna Mani on August 23. 

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