Charles III officially proclaimed as King: Must read

By Satyajit 10/09/2022

In 1948, Queen Elizabeth II and her son Prince Charles. 

In 1953, Prince Charles reacts during the coronation ceremony of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II in the Westminster abbey. 

In 1954, Prince Charles, and his sister Prices Anne, are assisted by Admiral Earl Mountbatten and Lady Edwina Mountbatten as they step ashore at Customs House in the Grand Harbor at Malta. 

In 1958, Prince Charles walks wearing his uniform. 

In 1972, Prince Charles of Wales on board a Royal Navy’s helicopter. 

In 1981, Prince Charles and Lady Diana, Princes of Wales married at St Paul Cathedral in London. 

In 1997, the Prince of Wales, his songs Prince William and Prince Harry view the floral tributes to their mother, Diana.  

In 2014, Prince Charles attends the traditional Saudi dancing best known as ‘Arda’ in Riyadh. 

King Charles III officially proclaimed as King at Mercat Cross, Edinburgh. 

The Lord Lyon King of Arms read the Proclamation to the people of Scotland followed by a 21 gun salute in Edinburgh Castle.

Public Proclamations are a tradition of United Kingdom which announces the Accession of the new monarch.

Charles was already king before the ceremony - under the terms of the Act of Settlement 1701, he automatically became so on the death of his mother.

Queen Elizabeth II Britain’s Longest Reigning has died at 96

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