Crypto unpredictability sets out opportunity for Wall Street Traders

By Satyajit 02/10/2022

Coinbase is a Cryptocurrency company went public with a highly anticipated listing in 2021.

Crypto market crashed, the company’s share price dropped significantly.

Accordingly to brokers and analysts, Wall Street is preparing for the next round of crypto volatility as the opportunity for trading.

The market for bitcoin and other digital assets has swung wildly in 2022, pushing prominent crypto firms into bankruptcy.

As of now this year, Bitcoin is down nearly 60%. Leverage is building again among crypto investors.

According to market analysts, Institutional traders are leaning on some of the same tactics that made them money in traditional markets, from stocks to commodities, now for Crypto.

Shorting an asset to trigger a wave of margin calls—and forced selling—or tracking the movements of other big investors.

Crypto investors flocked to social-media and online forums to gawk and speculate over the identities of the borrowers.

Crypto investors call the tactic “stop-loss hunting,” a name borrowed from traditional finance.

Many of the opportunities to capitalize on that information disappeared after the selloff washed out a lot of the leverage.

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