Predator Prequel Movie ‘Pray’


Prey is an absolutely phenomenal and Hulu film. It is better than the original. 

Prey is how you do a Predator movie. It is a taut thriller that’s easily the best addition to the franchise since the original. 

It is clearly a ‘Predator film’ it doesn’t feel like any iteration of the ‘Predator’ stories you have seen before.  

Prey to land itself an exclusive debut on Hulu, of all places, but regardless of where it is premiering. 

Prey has standalone features to face-offs against Xenomorphs. 

Prey is far change from the rest of the Predator films in terms of both timeline and location. 

It timeline has taken a sharp turn, sending the series back 300 years to where a singular predator has arrived on earth to hunt. 

The main focus of the story is Naru, a Komancha woman who want to be a hunter. 

Prey absolutely deserves the hype that comes with a large audience. 


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Doja Cat