Joe Haden announces his retirement from Browns

By Satyajit 22/09/2022

Joseph Walter Haden III is a former American football cornerback

Joe Haden was born on 14 April 1989 in Fort Washington, Maryland, United States.

Joe Haden will sign for one day NFL match with Brown

Joe Haden has spent 12 years for NFL seasons with Cleaveland Browns and Pittsburgh.

Joe Haden has played since 2017 to 2021 seasons for Pittsburgh Steelers.

Later, Joe Haden joined with Cleaveland Browns.

Joe Haden was the best cornerbacks for Cleaveland Browns.

Joe Haden has scored 148 starts, 29 interceptions, 615 total trackles and two touchdowns in his NFL career.

Joe Haden was selected three times for Pro Bowls. Joe Haden will play last game against his former team Pittsburgh Steelers.

On 21 September 2022, Joe Haden announced his retirement and signed a one-day contract with the Cleveland Browns.

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