Leslie Griffith KTVU News Reporter has died

Leslie Ray Griffith was an American writer and journalist. 

Leslie Ray Griffith born on 1st January 1956 in Tomball, Texas and died on 10th August 2022 in Lake Chapala, Maxico. 

Leslie Griffith and her first husband divorced after two years of marriage. She had two daughters and a son.  

She began her career in the newspaper business as a journalist for the Associated Press and the Denver post. 

In 1986 Griffith became a weekend reporter and anchor at KTVU in Oakland, California. 

In March 1996 Griffith became co-anchor of the Ten O’Clock News with Dennis Richmond. 

In 1998, Griffith own Casey Award for “Candy Kids” with Roland DeWold at KTVU. 

In 2005, she owned APTRA Award for Best Anchor, 2005. She also owned a number of Emmy Award for My 20th Century, Lost Children of Romani ad Genesis Award for KTVU’s Ten O’Clock News.  

In 2005, Griffith established the Leslie R. Griffith Woman of Courage Scholarship to help young women into journalism. 

Griffith had been suffering from Lyme Disease ever since being bitten by a tick while living in Oregon in 2015 and died on 10 August 2022 after a seven year battle.  


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