Story behind the Labor Day Weekend 2022 in the United State

By Satyajit 05/09/2022

Labor Day is a federal holiday in the United States celebrated on the first Monday in September. 

To honor and recognize the American labor movement and the works and contributions of laborers to the development and achievements of the United States.  

Why celebrate Labor Day

It is a weekend that is at least 03 days long holiday occurring on either the following Monday or preceding Friday.

How many days Labor Day long  ? 

Before it became a federal holiday, Labor Day was recognized by labor activists and individual states.

Past history of Labor Day  ? 

In the United States, a September holiday called Labor Day was first proposed in the early 1880s. 

How did Labor Day Begin

In 1882, Peter J. McGuire, general secretary, Joiners and co-founder of American Federation of labor, suggested setting a day for a "general holiday for the laboring classes" to honor those ". 

Who perform the main role to start Labor Day

On 28 June 1887, President Grover Cleveland signed the bill into law.  

How Labor Day get legal recognition  ? 

It is not completely clear who first suggested the Labor Day holiday. 

Who founded Labor Day  ? 

Labor Day provides all of us with an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of work not simply as an economic necessity but as an expression of deeper human qualities. 

Benefits of Labor Day celebration  ? 

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