Top 10 Trending News of United States on 14 September 2022

By Satyajit 14/09/2022

Jamal Adams, American football strong safety for the Seattle Seahawks of the NFC unfortunately has got a serious knee injury and need surgery.

‘Economic disaster’ Biden faces pressure to avert freight rail strike

Ken Starr, Lawyer who led Bill Clinton impeachment probe has dies at 76

Lindsey Graham's attempt at a national abortion ban could help GOP in midterms.

More from Mar-A-Lago, FBI found hard drive storage from footage.

On 14 September 2022, Jesse Powell, Singer-songwriter and R&B icon has died at the age of 51 at his home in Los Angeles.

Republicans Introduce Bill To Ban Abortion Nationwide After 15 Week

Fighting on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan killed about 100 troops Tuesday

Iowa Teen (Pieper Lewis ) Who Killed Alleged Rapist Ordered To Pay $150,000 To His Family

Trump-style candidate wins NH Senate GOP primary to face Hassan in November

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