Why Learning Python is very essential for Kid

By TH Team  22/10/2022

Python is the text based programming language used by millions of professional coders at places like Google, IBM, and even NASA. 

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What is Python ?

It is a Perfect First Programming Language. 

Is Learning Python Easy?

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The rules of Python syntax are simple enough for anyone to learn, even coders as young as 9 or 10.

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Worldwide use in the High-Tech Industry. While Python can be used for simple tasks, millions or working programmers make a living writing Python every day. 

Why is Learning Python Important ?

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Academics, data journalists, and researchers use Python too. 

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The US Department of Labor estimates faster-than-everage growth in hiring- predicting over half a million in new hires in tech over the next 10 years at fantastic salaries.  

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You can Create Anything You Imagine with Python programming. Want to make games,  Create a website or cool digital art ? 

Why should a Kid Learn Python ?

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No matter what makes you excited about computer programming, Python’s wide variety of modules (also called libraries) make creating applications fast. 

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Python.org- a great source for all things Python.  Tynker- self-placed gamified course and activities inspire kids to create their own video games, art, and websites with Pyhon. 

What is the Best Way for Kids to Learn Python ?

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Udemy- a collection of Python courses, classes, and bootcamps.  Codecademy- online Python courses and forums.  CodeWizardsHQ- online coding classes with a live instructor. 

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Real Python- Articles, podcasts, turorials, and tricks for Python fans.  Hour of Python – free Python lessons and string challenges from Trinket.  HackInScience- free Python exercises. 

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Python Tutor- Visualize your Python Code’s execution, step-by-step.  Invent with Python- Free Python books for beginners.  GeekforGeeks- You can learn every concept of Python from beginner to advance. 

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