Willbrook woman awarded $363 Million by Jury

By Satyajit 20/09/2022

On Monday, a Cook County jury ordered Sterigencis to pay a woman $363 million for exposing her to cancer causing chemicals.

Susan Kamuda sued Sterigenics, claiming the company knowingly emitted the toxic gas ethylene oxide from its facility in Willowbrook.

Kamuda, who lived within a quarter-mile of the former plant for over 40 years, developed breast cancer in 2007.

Sterigencis maintained there is no proof Kamuda's cancer was linked to their emissions.

Midway through the 1980s, Sue Kamuda relocated to Willowbrook. A Chicago based corporation choose the west suburb as a new location.

For its quickly growing business of sterilizing pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and spices.

When the US EPA found that residents in the area faced some of the greatest cancer risks.

The company has been investigated after its Willowbrook plant was identified on a national map of health hazards for people.

On Monday, the jury reached a verdict that Sterigenics should pay $363 million to 70-year-old Susan Kamuda for compensatory and punitive damages.

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