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Aamras Ullu Web Series : Full of Hot Scenes Watch in a Closed Room

Aamras Ullu Web Series: This is an Indian OTT Web series which is going to release on 15 August 2023 on the official website of Main Ullu Original in Hindi language. The web series is going to be very special because the acting of the actors in the web series is amazing. For further updates and in-depth information about the Aamras Part 1 Ullu Web Series, stay tuned with the details provided below. In this article, we are giving a complete overview of Aamras Part 1 Ullu web series, encompassing details of the storyline, cast, actors, actresses, release date, how to watch online and Download Full HD.

Overview of Aamras Ullu Web Series

Title Aamras
Category Drama and Romance
Producer Ullu Originals and Ullu OTT App
Cinematography Yet to update
OTT Platform Ullu App
No of Episodes Yet to update
Star Cast Bharti Jha, Payal Patil, Riya Barde and Seroshi Bhattacharjee
Release Date 15th August 2023
Running Time 25-30 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi


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Aamras Ullu Web Series Cast

Name of Actor Character
Bharti Jha Leading role
Payal Patil Leading role
Riya Barde Yet to updated soon
Preeti De Yet to updated soon
Seroshi Bhattacharjee Yet to updated soon
Arita Paul Yet to updated soon


In the “Aamras” Ullu web series includes Bharti Jha, Payal Patil, Riya Barde, Preeti De, Seroshi Bhattacharjee and Arita Paul in the lead cast. These talented actresses have won the hearts of the audience with their performances.

Their chemistry and acting skills will bring a fresh tinge to this web series and viewers will get to experience an engaging and engrossing story line. From the performance of the actresses, there will be a sweetness and reality in the web series.

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Aamras Ullu Web Series Trailer Release Date

On 9th August 2023, Ullu’s official YouTube channel released a trailer of the highly-anticipated Aamras Part-1 Ullu Web Series, aiming to captivate the audience’s interest. The preview of the Ullu web series “Aamras” featuring Bharti Jha, Payal Patil, and the male lead offers viewers a glimpse into a distinctive love narrative. The trailer introduces a young man who captivates women with his tales, skillfully bringing his narratives to life through his performances.

The trailer provides a sneak peek into the remarkable acting prowess of both actresses, delivering a heartwarming and romantic encounter for the audience. The trailer effectively unveils moments of affection and life’s essence, offering a tantalizing taste of what awaits in the complete series.

As the release date for this Ullu platform web series approaches on August 15th, 2023, the full depth of their love story and life journey will unfold, promising a compelling and immersive experience for the viewers.

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Aamras Ullu Web Series Story

The Ullu web series titled “Aamras” delves into the poignant journey of a young man’s life. Within this narrative, the spotlight centers on a boy who possesses a distinct talent for crafting unique tales, one of which is aptly named “Aamras”. This particular story revolves around the boy’s interactions with the women he captivates through his narratives.

Through the lens of his tale “Aamras,” our protagonist embarks on a journey brimming with mirth, entertainment, and experiential learning. The series intricately weaves together their relationships, playful escapades, and heartfelt emotions, promising a captivating viewing experience for the audience.

Mark your calendars for August 15th, 2023, when this web series is set to grace the Ullu platform. On that date, viewers can immerse themselves in a world where the essence of relationships, life’s quirks, and genuine emotions intertwine to create a truly engaging narrative.

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How to Watch Aamras Ullu Web Series online?

If you’re intrigued by the prospect of viewing the Aamras Web series, you can conveniently access it through the Ullu OTT Platform. Gaining entry requires membership, involving a nominal fee.

Alternatively, upon the release of this upcoming Aamras Ullu web series, you’ll also have the option to watch it for free using the provided link here. This opportunity allows you to stream all the episodes online without incurring any charges. It’s a fantastic chance to enjoy your favored web series without cost.

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  1. When will release Aamars Part 1 Web Series on Ullu?

    Aamras Part 1 will released on 15 August, 2023 on Ullu App and Ullu OTT.

  2. Who are the main actors in Aamras Part 1 Ullu Web Series?

    Bharti Jh and, Payal Patil playing the main role in Aamras Part 1 Ullu Web Series.

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