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Bhojpuri Film Sasural Ka Diwana New Poster Out

Bhojpuri Actress Glory Mohanta graced her Instagram realm with the unveiling of the poster for the imminent cinematic marvel titled ‘Sasural Ka Diwana’. With a reputation as one of the industry’s revered icons, she has seamlessly woven her talents alongside a constellation of illustrious stars, etching her name into the annals of fame.

In a recent revelation, Glory Mohanta graced her audience with the inaugural glimpse of ‘Sasural Ka Diwana’, a cinematic gem poised to unfold as a riveting comedy-drama. Sharing the limelight are esteemed talents Ritu Singh, Samar Singh, and Sanjay Pandey, each essaying pivotal roles that promise to captivate. Accompanying the unveiling, her post bore the anticipatory caption, “The trailer for Sasural ka Diwana movie is on the horizon. #bhojpuricinema #bhojpuriactor #bhojpuristar @b4ubhojpuri”.

Brief overview of Bhojpuri Film Sasural Ka Diwana

Film Name Sasural Ka Diwana
Category Drama and Comedy
Director Ishtique Sheikh Bunty
Writer To be updated soon
Editor To be updated soon
Producer Sandeep Singh and Arvind Agarwal
Music To be updated soon
Star Cast Glory Mohanta
Production Companies To be updated soon
Release Date To be updated soon
Running time To be updated soon
Budget To be updated soon
Languages Hindi


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The film’s director and publisher of “Sasural Ka Diwana” choose to divulge further insights about the film, we’ll promptly enrich this space with the latest updates. Therefore, we encourage you to frequently visit this article to get the most current information about the forthcoming Bhojpuri masterpiece, “Sasural Ka Diwana.”

In addition to this, Ritu is set to grace the silver screen in the upcoming movie ‘Sindurdaan’, where she shares the spotlight with Gaurav Jha and Shubhi Sharma. This cinematic creation, guided by the directorial prowess of Raj Kishore Prasad, emerges from the collaborative efforts of a diverse group of producers: Apoor Medtiya, Rama Prasad, Monika Singh, and Prem Shankar. Although the makers have meticulously crafted this offering, the veil over its release date remains intact, adding an air of anticipation to the mix.

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