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Lakeerein Movie Review: A Powerful Courtroom Drama on Marital Rape

Lakeerein is a 2023 Hindi courtroom drama film directed by Durgesh Pathak and starring Tia Bajpai, Gaurav Chopra, Ashutosh Rana, and Bidita Bag in pivotal roles. The film tells the story of Kavya (Tia Bajpai), a victim of marital rape who fights for justice against her husband, Vivek Damodar Agnihotri (Gaurav Chopra).


Lakeerein is a courtroom drama film that deals with the sensitive issue of marital rape. The film is a powerful and moving portrayal of Kavya’s struggle for justice, and it sheds light on the legal and societal challenges that victims of marital rape face.


  • Tia Bajpai as Kavya
  • Gaurav Chopra as Vivek Damodar Agnihotri
  • Ashutosh Rana as Advocate Dudhari Singh
  • Bidita Bag as Advocate Geeta Bishwas
  • Rajesh Jais
  • Saharsh Shukla
  • Mukesh Bhatt
  • Anil Rastogi
  • Ali Mohammad


Lakeerein is directed by Durgesh Pathak, who is known for his work on the Hindi television series Crime Patrol and Savdhaan India. Pathak is a skilled director, and he has done an excellent job of handling the sensitive subject matter of Lakeerein.

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The cinematography of Lakeerein is by Naren A Gedia, who has done a commendable job of capturing the mood and atmosphere of the film. Naren’s use of light and shadow is particularly effective in the courtroom scenes.

Lakeerein Movie Trailer Release date

The trailer of Lakeerein was released on October 25, 2023 by the official YouTube channel of Zee Music Company. The trailer was well-received by the audience, and it has generated a lot of interest in the film.

Lakeerein Movie Release date

Lakeerein will release in theaters on November 3, 2023. It is expected that the film will receive positive reviews from critics and audiences alike.

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Lakeerein Movie Story 

Lakeerein tells the story of Kavya (Tia Bajpai), a young woman who is married to Vivek Damodar Agnihotri (Gaurav Chopra). Vivek is a wealthy and powerful businessman, and Kavya is initially happy in her marriage. However, Kavya’s life turns into a nightmare when Vivek starts raping her.

Kavya tries to resist Vivek’s advances, but he threatens to harm her and her family. Kavya is too scared to speak out, and she suffers in silence for many years. However, one day, Kavya decides to take a stand for herself. She files a case against Vivek for marital rape, and she vows to fight for justice.

Kavya’s case is assigned to Advocate Geeta Bishwas (Bidita Bag), a renowned lawyer who is known for her work on women’s rights cases. Geeta is determined to help Kavya win her case, but she knows that it will not be easy. Vivek is a powerful man, and he has a lot of influence. He hires a high-profile lawyer, Advocate Dudhari Singh (Ashutosh Rana), to defend him.

The trial is long and arduous, and Kavya is subjected to a lot of scrutiny and humiliation. However, Kavya remains steadfast in her resolve to get justice. She bravely recounts her story in court, and she exposes Vivek’s true nature.

In the end, Kavya wins her case. The court convicts Vivek of marital rape, and he is sentenced to prison. Kavya’s victory is a landmark moment for women’s rights in India. It sends a strong message that marital rape is a crime, and that victims of marital rape deserve justice.

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Lakeerein Movie Review 

Lakeerein is a powerful and moving courtroom drama that deals with the sensitive issue of marital rape. The film is well-made, with strong performances from the entire cast. Tia Bajpai is particularly impressive as Kavya. She delivers a nuanced and powerful performance that captures the pain and trauma of a victim of marital rape.

Ashutosh Rana is also excellent as Advocate Dudhari Singh. He brings a lot of gravitas to the role, and he is a formidable opponent for Advocate Geeta Bishwas. Bidita Bag is also good as Advocate Geeta Bishwas. She portrays the character with strength and conviction.

Lakeerein is a must-watch film for everyone. It is a powerful and important film that sheds light on the issue of marital rape. It is also a film that will stay with you long after you have seen it.


Lakeerein is a powerful and moving courtroom drama on marital rape. The film is well-made, with strong performances from the entire cast. It is a must-watch film for everyone.

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