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Manmaniyan Part 2 Ullu Web Series: Boldness crossed all Limits in this Web Series! Watch in Private

The renowned online streaming platform ULLU has just introduced an enthralling new web series named “Manmaniyan Part 2.” The much-awaited launch has generated considerable excitement among both audiences and critics due to its captivating plotline and skilled ensemble. Hailing from ULLU, the Indian web series “Manmaniyan Part 2” is set to premiere in the Hindi language on August 8, 2023. In this article provides comprehensive insights into the ULLU web series “Manmaniyan Part 2,” encompassing details about the cast, storyline, release date, online viewing options, and more.

Brief overview of Manmaniyan Part 2 Ullu Web Series   

Title Manmaniyan Part 2 (2023)
Type Web Series
Category Drama and Romance
Director Raaj Basu
OTT Platform Ullu App and Ullu Originals
Part 2
Star Cast Aayushi Jaiswal, Sunita Rajput, Ravindra Yadav and Anurag Sharma
Release Date 8 August, 2023
Running Time 25-30 Minutes
Country India
Language Hindi


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Manmaniyan Part 2 Ullu Web Series Trailer

The trailer for “Manmaniyan Part 2,” the Ullu Web Series, has been unveiled on both YouTube and Ullu’s official social media platforms. You’re invited to view the trailer by clicking on the video link provided below.

Manmaniyan Part 2 Web Series Release Date

The first part of the series titled “Manmaniyan Part 2” was released on 8th August 2023 and is now accessible for streaming on the Ullu digital platform. Starting from the specified date, viewers can relish Aayushi Jaiswal’s outstanding performance as she takes on a prominent role in all episodes available on the Ullu platform.

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Manmaniyan Part 2 Web Series Story

Manmaniyan Part 2

This web series revolves around a family where a couple lives with their daughter. The husband and wife’s relationship is not going well. The story revolves around Dev Kumar, a middle aged man who feels trapped in a midlife crisis, becomes infatuated with his teenage daughter’s friend, Soni, which lead him to reevaluate his existence. Through heartbreaks and betrayals, Dev seeks to find beauty and meaning amidst the complexities of human relationships. The story brings captivating twists and turns every now and then throughout its runtime. To find out what happens next, watch full episodes of Manmaniyan Part 2 on Ullu App.

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How to Watch Manmaniyan Part 2 Web Series Online?

For an online viewing experience of the captivating Ullu web series “Manmaniyan Part-2,” just adhere to these easy steps:

  1. Download the Ullu app onto your smartphone or tablet using either the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Complete the registration process by entering your email address and setting up a password.
  3. Select a subscription plan that aligns with your preferences; the Ullu app presents a range of monthly and annual options, along with an introductory trial period for new users.

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