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The Nun II Movie Leaked: Tamilrockers Download Direct Link

The long-anticipated horror thriller, “The Nun II,” featuring Taissa Farmiga in a leading role, made its debut on September 7th. Serving as the sequel to 2018’s “The Nun” and the ninth installment in The Conjuring Universe, this Michael Chaves-directed film enjoyed a triumphant opening weekend, especially in North America, where it dominated the international box office. In this article, you will get complete review about Nun II movie, trailer, movie release date, star cast, story, how to watch online and Tamilrockers, Telegram and other sites download links.

Brief overview of “The Nun II” Movie

Movie Name The Nun II
Category Gothic Supernatural Horror
Director Michael Chaves
Editor Gregory Plotkin
Producer Peter Safran, James Wan
Music Marco Beltrami
Star Cast Taissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloquet, Storm Reid, Anna Popplewell, Bonnie Aarons
Cinematography Tristan Nyby
Distributed   by Warner Bros. Pictures
Release Date 07 September 2023
Running time 110 minutes
Budget $38.5 Million
Languages English
Country United States


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The Nun II Movie Cast

Name of Actor Character/ Roles played in Movie
Taissa Farmiga Plays role as  Sister Irene
Jonas Bloquet Plays role as Maurice
Bonnie Aarons Plays role as Valak
Storm Reid Plays role as Debra
Anna Popplewell Plays role as Marcella
Suzanne Bertish Plays role as Madame Laurent
Leontine d’Oncieu Plays role as Simone
Anouk Darwin Homewood Plays role as Celeste


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The Nun II Movie Trailer Release Date

On 30 August 2023, the trailer of the “The Nun II” movie was released by the official YouTube channel of Screen Culture to generate excitement among the audience. As of now, this video garnered 564 thousands views and around 6 thousand plus likes. If you haven’t watched it yet, you may watch the same from here.

The Nun II Movie Release Date

“The Nun II” premiered on September 7, 2023, in North America, and it hit international screens on September 6, 2023. Warner Bros. Pictures is responsible for its global distribution. Originally scheduled for release on July 8, 2022, the movie experienced a delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With a runtime of 110 minutes, “The Nun II” carries an R rating for its intense violence and terror. Audiences can enjoy it in various formats, including standard, IMAX, Dolby Cinema, and 4DX.

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The Nun II Movie Story in Brief

The sequel unfolds in 1956 France, four years following the events of the initial film. In a small town, a priest meets a gruesome end. Sister Irene, who survived her previous encounter with the malevolent entity Valak, is dispatched to investigate, accompanied by Frenchie, who also confronted Valak before. Together, they unveil the sinister nun’s involvement in the murder and the spread of malevolence throughout the town. Irene and Frenchie must confront their deepest fears to thwart Valak before further horrors are unleashed.

During its first three days in theaters, the movie amassed an estimated $32.6 million. Although “The Nun II,” featuring Taissa Farmiga and Storm Reid, fell notably short of the original film’s opening earnings ($53.8 million), it maintained a strong presence in the international box office. Regrettably, “The Nun II” Hindi version fell victim to piracy, with the film being leaked in high-definition quality.

Despite earning acclaim from both critics and audiences, “The Nun II” faces potential challenges at the box office due to its availability on torrent websites such as Tamilrockers, Telegram, and Movierulz from the very first day of release. This leak is expected to impact the film’s global box office revenue. In India, “The Nun II” has grossed Rs 13.7 crore, while its worldwide earnings have surpassed Rs 710 crore.

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How to Watch “The Nun II” Movie Online?

To stream “The Nun II” online, ensure you have an active subscription to HBO Max or another local streaming service that provides access to the movie. Additionally, you’ll require a compatible device such as a smart TV, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, along with a reliable internet connection.

If you opt for alternative streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, the procedure remains similar. Verify the movie’s availability in your region on these platforms and subscribe accordingly to access “The Nun II.”

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The Nun 2 Movie Download Tamilrockers

The Nun II Hindi Movie 2023 has been illicitly distributed on piracy platforms like Tamilrockers, Telegram, and other similar websites, including Movierulz.

These piracy platforms, including Tamilrockers, Telegram, and Movierulz, have a history of leaking newly released movies. Regrettably, this is not the inaugural instance of a film being made available online on its very first day of release.

The Nun 2 Download FilmyZilla

After “The Nun 2” hits theaters on September 8, 2023, it’s ethically concerning that pirated versions, dubbed in various languages, are expected to surface on platforms like FilmyZilla. It’s anticipated that users may access “The Nun 2” on FilmyZilla shortly after its cinematic release. Nevertheless, it is imperative to refrain from downloading copyrighted material from illegal sources.

The Nun 2 Movie Download Telegram Link

Telegram is a popular messaging app that also functions as a platform for sharing movies. As a result, some individuals may attempt to search for a Telegram link to download the movie “The Nun 2.” However, we strongly advise against this practice as it is unethical and can potentially harm your device.

For an enjoyable experience of your long-awaited Bollywood movie, we recommend exploring legal options such as cinemas or streaming services. By doing so, you can conveniently access the film on your preferred device, ensuring high-quality viewing with an internet connection. Various resolutions, including 480p, 720p, or 1080p, are available for selection, catering to your preferences and device capabilities.

The Nun 2 Movie Download from VegaMovies

Are you eager to download the highly anticipated movie The Nun 2, directly on your phone? No need to search elsewhere; simply visit VegaMovies! On this website, you’ll find the option to download the movie in various resolutions, including 480p, 720p, and 1080p.


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