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Google Announce New Feature: Do You Know What ?

Google Announce New Feature

Google is reportedly making strides in the development of a new feature designed to simplify the transfer of eSIMs for users. This innovation aims to streamline the process by utilizing QR codes, minimizing any potential hassles.

According to insights from 9to5Google, Google has taken initial steps to pave the way for this eSIM transfer functionality, an announcement made earlier in the year. Aptly named, this feature will empower Android users to seamlessly shift their eSIMs between different devices without intermediaries.

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The significance of this feature is underscored by the current absence of a built-in method to migrate eSIMs between Android devices. Presently, this task rests solely in the hands of mobile carriers. The forthcoming capability will prompt users to initiate the transfer process by scanning a QR code—a streamlined and user-friendly approach.

“While most of the functionality remains inaccessible at this stage, we were able to access the initial phase, and @AssembleDebug also discovered a user interface reminiscent of Fast Pair, appearing before the QR code scan,” the report elaborated.

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By way of comparison, Apple has streamlined the process of transferring eSIMs among iPhones. This convenience is achieved through an iOS tool that facilitates effortless wireless eSIM transfers between different iPhones.

In the preceding month, Google introduced the Android 14 Beta 4 update, encompassing a host of enhancements. Noteworthy additions included the introduction of the ‘auto-confirm unlock’ feature, a range of bug fixes, advancements in system performance, and a multitude of other refinements.

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As elucidated by Android researcher Mishaal Rahman, the ‘auto-confirm’ attribute facilitates automatic unlocking of the user’s device once the correct PIN is entered. To leverage this feature, a PIN with a minimum of 6 digits is requisite. Rahman also disclosed that the update incorporated fresh default profile picture options. Additionally, he shared that users now possess the ability to access information about their device’s manufacturing year through the pathway Settings > About phone > Model.

Rahman noted, “The ‘ring volume’ and ‘notification volume’ sliders are now completely separated in Android 14, with no way to merge them again. In older betas, the separation was controlled by a DeviceConfig flag, but that flag’s no longer in use.”

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