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Unveiling the Release Date of ‘Love Biye Aajkal’: All You Need to Know

Anticipation runs fervently high for actor Om Sahani’s imminent television drama titled ‘Love Biye Aajkal’. Love Biye Aajkal is an upcoming India TV Serial that will be aired on Star Jalsha channel. Marking his triumphant return to the realm of daily soaps after a prolonged hiatus, this show has already seized the audience’s imagination with its very first teaser. Sharing the spotlight is the stunning model-turned-actress Moumita Sarkar, who will grace ‘Love Biye Aajkal’. The show is set to premiere on August 28, on a prominent channel renowned for airing beloved Bengali favorites like ‘Anurager Chhowa’ and ‘Gaatchora’, setting the stage for an eagerly awaited debut.

Brief overview of “Love Biye Aajkal”

TV Serial Name Love Biye Aajkal
Category TV Serial
Star Cast Moumita Sarkar and Om Sahai
Cinematography Sudheer Surendran
Release Date 28 August 2023
Time Slot 8:30 PM (Monday – Sunday)
Total Episodes TBA
Languages Bengali


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The artist, whose captivating duet performance alongside Devlina Kumar set the stage ablaze with the rhythm of ‘Rangabati’ (featured in the Shiboprasad Mukhopadhyay and Nandita Roy-produced ‘Gotro’), has taken the plunge back into television serials after a significant hiatus. While Om maintained his connection with the small screen through appearances on non-fiction programs and even took part in a short narrative in ‘Lockdown Diary,’ his presence was absent from the realm of daily soap operas in recent times. His focus was predominantly on film projects.

In the upcoming series ‘Love Biye Aajkal,’ he will embrace the role of Omkar, a charismatic character who embodies flamboyance. As a triumphant entrepreneur and bar owner, Omkar’s persona radiates a spectrum of colors, and his conviction lies in the notion that wealth holds the key to all desires.

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Love Biye Aajkal Story  

At the helm of Scandal Lounge & Bar stands Omkar Ghosh, a man of commanding presence whose arrogance fuels the belief that he can procure anything through his wealth. A serendipitous encounter unravels when he crosses paths with Shrabon within the confines of his establishment—a talented songstress with an independent spirit. Proposing an enticing financial proposition, Omkar attempts to lure her into becoming the bar’s melodious voice. However, her resolute refusal shatters his veneer of superiority, igniting an unforeseen discord between them. As time weaves its tapestry, this initial friction takes an unexpected turn, blossoming into an intricate interplay of affection and tenderness.

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Prediction of people about the Storyline of Love Biye Aajkal

The initial glimpse of ‘Love Biye Aajkal’ managed to capture the audience’s attention for two distinct reasons: its astute storytelling and the promise of infusing a breath of revitalizing change into the realm of television, which has long been dominated by saas-bahu narratives. The narrative orbits around Omkar and Shraban, with the former fixated on the latter—a budding singer gracing his bar. His proposal, however, faces an immediate rejection from Shraban. Amidst a plethora of speculations surrounding whether a tale centered around a bar singer could inject a much-needed innovation into Bengali television, often accustomed to showcasing adarsh bahu-betis either immersed in 9-to-5 routines or even playing cricket while managing household chores, a lingering question persisted: could the storyline eventually morph into another saas-bahu saga, like many others?

Amidst this swirling sea of conjectures, the creators unveiled a second teaser, delving into Shraban’s predicament and her eventual willingness to embrace a contractual marriage with none other than Omkar. Intriguingly, the concept of a contract marriage is not novel to those who revel in soap operas or films. In fact, this tried-and-true trope has found its place in various Bengali soap operas of the past. Thus, the crux of the inquiry arises: does ‘Love Biye Aajkal’ hold a unique allure, akin to the promise it first extended in its initial teaser?

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