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Google Launched New Features in Chrome: Check Out What ?

Google Launched New Features in Chrome: According to reports, Google is currently in the process of testing a text-to-speech functionality for Chrome’s reading mode on desktop. This feature aims to read out articles for users. As mentioned by Leopeva64, a user previously associated with X (formerly Twitter), this capability can be accessed within Chrome Canary. This version of Chrome, known as Google’s cutting-edge iteration, is where the feature’s presence was highlighted, as reported by The Verge.

In a recent post, Leopeva64 explained, “Additionally, Chrome for desktop will offer a ‘read aloud’ option for articles. Although the initial implementation of this feature in the Canary version is relatively rudimentary, it effectively performs its function. You can watch a demonstration of the feature in action through this link.”

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Should this feature be available, users will be able to initiate Google to audibly read the text by simply clicking a play button located at the article’s uppermost part within the reading mode. The user affiliated with X (formerly Twitter) also provided a Reddit link containing a video that effectively demonstrates this feature.

According to the latest information provided by Google’s recent video, the company’s efforts in this regard are still a work in progress. The voice used for the text-to-speech feature sounds robotic, and there’s an issue where it spells out the header as “summary” instead of simply reading the word.

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Meanwhile, Google is introducing a significant new feature to its AI-powered Search Generative Experience (SGE). This feature aims to offer users article summaries while they engage in web-based reading.

Presently, the feature, labeled as “SGE while browsing,” is in the experimental phase. Google stated in a blog post, “When delving into the intricacies of a new subject, comprehending lengthy or intricate web pages is often necessary, but pinpointing specific details isn’t always easy. Hence, we’re initiating an early experiment in Search Labs called ‘SGE while browsing.’ It’s accessible through the Google app on Android and iOS, with plans to extend it to Chrome on desktop in the near future.”

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