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Gmail Introduce New Features for Android and iOS: Do You What is It?

Gmail Introduce New Features for Android and iOS: While Gmail has long provided the option to translate emails within web browsers, this capability has been absent from the mobile apps on both  iOS and Android. However, a recent update to Google Workspace brings forth the inclusion of Gmail translation on mobile devices.

Gmail Introduce New Features for Android and iOS

Google remarked, “Over the years, our users have enjoyed the convenience of translating emails in Gmail on the web, spanning over 100 languages.” Furthermore, the company announced, “Commencing recently, we’re thrilled to introduce a built-in translation integration within the Gmail mobile app, facilitating seamless communication across a diverse array of languages.”

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How to Use Gmail New Feature in Your Smartphone 

To employ this functionality, simply click on the “Translate” option within the displayed banner, following which you can select your desired language for translating the email content. Additionally, you have the option to establish preferences, such as enabling automatic translation for certain languages or excluding translation for others.

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The search giant has announced that the deployment of this feature has commenced on both iOS and Android platforms, though it might take up to 15 days for the feature to become visible across all devices. The Android rollout began on August 8, while the iOS update started on August 21. As a result, Android users could potentially experience the feature prior to iOS users. Furthermore, this update will be accessible to all Workspace customers and personal account holders.

In related developments, Google has also recently introduced a streamlined file sharing experience that incorporates an approval system directly within the files. This integration eliminates the necessity for multiple steps involved in responding to access requests via email. With this new update, approvers will receive a notification dot on the ‘Share’ button when they have pending access requests. Additionally, a banner will appear at the top of the sharing dialog to highlight these requests.

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इस पोस्ट के लेखक सत्यजीत है, वह इस वेबसाइट का Founder भी हैं । उन्होंने Information Technology में स्नातक और Computer Application में मास्टर डिग्री प्राप्त की हैं ।


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