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Sonam Bajwa Biography, Wiki, Physical Stats, Career, Education, Favorite Things, Net Worth

In the dazzling world of Indian cinema, one name that has been creating ripples with her talent and charm is Sonam Bajwa. From her early life to her thriving career, we’ll delve into the intriguing story of Sonampreet Bajwa, known to her fans as Sonam Bajwa. In this article, we will cover comprehensive biography of Sonam Bajwa, her personal life, education, career in the film industry, favorite things, filmography, net worth, and more.

Who is Sonam Bajwa?

Sonampreet Bajwa, popularly known as Sonam Bajwa, is an Indian actress and model who primarily works in the Punjabi and Indian film industries. She was born on August 16, 1989, and has established herself as one of the leading actresses in Punjabi cinema. Sonam Bajwa is known for her versatile acting skills, striking beauty, and charismatic presence on-screen.

Sonam Bajwa Biography

Full Name Sonampreet Bajwa
Nickname Sonam Bajwa
Birth Place Nainital, Uttar Pradesh
DOB 16 August 1989
Age 34 years old
Gender Female
Height 5.7 inch (170 cm)
Weight 56 kg (124 lbs)
Religion Sikhism
Nationality Indian
Parents Father (Not known), Mother (Ritu Bajwa)
Status Unmarried
Affairs/ Boyfriend KL Rahul (Rumored)
Husband NA
Children NA
Profession Actress, Model
Hobbies Travelling, Shopping, Dancing
Net Worth $5 Million


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Personal Life of Sonam Bajwa

Sonam Bajwa was born on August 16, 1989, in Nainital, UP into a Punjabi family. She pursued her undergraduate studies at Delhi University before making a pivotal move to Mumbai in 2012. It was in the bustling entertainment capital of India that she decided to take a shot at fame, participating in the prestigious Femina Miss India contest. Although initially venturing into a career as an air hostess, Sonam eventually decided to follow her true passion—acting.

Sonam Bajwa Biography

Sonam Bajwa quickly ascended the ranks and earned her place as one of the most beloved actors in Punjabi cinema. Her versatility in acting is matched only by her impeccable fashion sense and style, setting her apart as a true trendsetter. In the world of Indian cinema, she made headlines by becoming the highest-paid actor for her role in the film “Guddiyan Patole,” outearning even her male counterparts.

Her star continued to rise as she clinched the title of Chandigarh Times’ Most Desirable Woman three times in 2016, 2017, and 2019. Notably, she secured the second position in 2018 and the fourth in 2020, cementing her status as a desirable figure in the world of entertainment. In the prestigious Times’ 50 Most Desirable Woman list, she ranked 44th in 2019, further solidifying her influence in the industry.

Beyond her acting career, Sonam Bajwa is a sought-after celebrity endorser, representing brands such as Moofarm and Americana biscuits. Her endorsement deals highlight her marketability and appeal to a wide audience.

In a personal revelation, Sonam, despite her Punjabi heritage, shared on social media in 2017 that she follows the teachings of Jesus without formally converting to Christianity. She made it clear that her faith is in Jesus, emphasizing, “I follow Jesus but I am not a religious Christian.” This candid statement offers a glimpse into the multi-faceted personality of Sonam Bajwa, showcasing her openness and individuality in a world where conformity often prevails.

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Sonam Bajwa Education

Sonam Bajwa pursued her early education at Jaycees Public School in Rudrapur and later furthered her academic journey by enrolling at Delhi University. Following the successful completion of her education, she embarked on a career as an air hostess. But later she become actress and modeler.

Sonam Bajwa Career in Film Industry

Sonampreet Bajwa embarked on her acting journey in 2013, marking her debut with the film “Best Of Luck” alongside acclaimed actors Gippy Grewal and Jazzy B. The following year, in 2014, she delivered a remarkable performance in “Punjab 1984” opposite the talented Diljit Dosanjh. That same year, she expanded her horizons by making her debut in the Tamil film industry with “Kappal,” where she starred alongside Vaibhav.

2016 proved to be a prolific year for Bajwa, as she graced the screen in four distinct roles. She shared the screen with Diljit Dosanjh again in “Sardaar Ji 2” and starred opposite Ammy Virk in “Nikka Zaildar.” Additionally, she took on the film “Born to Be King” alongside Ateesh Randev and ventured into the Telugu film industry with “Aatadukundam Raa,” where she acted alongside Sushanth.

The year 2017 saw Bajwa’s versatile acting prowess shine brightly as she appeared opposite Gippy Grewal in “Manje Bistre,” starred alongside Diljit Dosanjh in “Super Singh,” and shared the screen with Ammy Virk once more in “Nikka Zaildar 2.”

In 2018, she continued to grace the silver screen with her presence, appearing in “Carry on Jatta 2” alongside Gippy Grewal.

The year 2019 was another remarkable one for Bajwa, as she showcased her talent in five diverse films. She starred in “Guddiyan Patole” opposite Gurnam Bhullar, “Muklawa” opposite Ammy Virk, “Singham” opposite Parmish Verma, “Ardab Mutiyaran” opposite Ajay Sarkaria, and “Bala” alongside Ayushmann Khurrana. Her outstanding performance in “Ardab Mutiyaran” earned her the prestigious PTC Punjabi Film Award for Best Actress.

In 2020, Bajwa continued her cinematic journey with “Jinde Meriye” opposite Parmish Verma and a special appearance in “Street Dancer 3D” alongside Varun Dhawan.

The year 2021 brought more notable roles as she starred opposite Ammy Virk in “Puaada” and opposite Diljit Dosanjh in “Honsla Rakh.”

In 2022, Bajwa graced the silver screen once again, taking on lead roles in “Mai Vyah Nahi Karona Tere Naal” alongside Gurnam Bhullar, “Sher Bagga” alongside Virk, “Jind Mahi” alongside Ajay Sarkaria, and “Kaatteri” alongside Vaibhav.

With each project, Sonampreet Bajwa has continued to captivate audiences with her talent and versatility, leaving an indelible mark in the world of Indian cinema.

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Sonam Bajwa Favourite Things

Favorite Actor Sharukh Khan, John Abraham, Fawad Khan
Favorite Actress Neeru Bajwa, Madhuri Dixit
Favorite Film Taare Zameen Par
Favorite Singer Lady Gaga, Lata mangeshkar
Favorite Dancer Michael Jackson
Favorite Food Gujarati Guisines
Favorite Destination Dubai, London, New Zealand
Favorite Hobbies Travelling, Shopping, Dancing
Favorite Fruit Apple, Mango
Favorite Sports Cricket & Football
Favorite Sports Person MS Dhoni & Leonel Messi


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Most Famous Movies of Sonam Bajwa

Sonam Bajwa has appeared in several successful and critically acclaimed movies in the Punjabi and Indian film industries. Some of her most famous and notable movies include:

  1. Punjab 1984 (2014): This historical drama film, directed by Anurag Singh and starring Sonam Bajwa opposite Diljit Dosanjh, received widespread acclaim. It explored the impact of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots on a mother-son relationship.
  2. Carry On Jatta 2 (2018): A comedy film directed by Smeep Kang, this sequel to the popular “Carry On Jatta” featured Sonam Bajwa alongside Gippy Grewal. It was a massive hit and one of the highest-grossing Punjabi films of all time.
  3. Nikka Zaildar Series (2016, 2017): Sonam Bajwa appeared in both “Nikka Zaildar” and its sequel “Nikka Zaildar 2” alongside Ammy Virk. These romantic comedy films were well-received and contributed to her popularity.
  4. Guddiyan Patole (2019): In this film, Sonam Bajwa played the lead role opposite Gurnam Bhullar. It was a heartwarming family drama that resonated with audiences and showcased her acting skills.
  5. Ardab Mutiyaran (2019): Sonam Bajwa received critical acclaim and won the PTC Punjabi Film Award for Best Actress for her role in this film. It was a story of empowerment and self-discovery.
  6. Singham (2019): This Punjabi remake of the Bollywood film “Singham” featured Sonam Bajwa opposite Parmish Verma. It was a high-octane action film that garnered attention for its action sequences and Bajwa’s performance.
  7. Street Dancer 3D (2020): Although a cameo appearance, Sonam Bajwa’s role in this Bollywood dance film starring Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor was notable.
  8. Puaada (2021): Sonam Bajwa appeared opposite Virk in Puaada and opposite Dosanjh in Honsia Rakh.
  9. In 2022: Sonam Bajwa played lead role in Gurnam Bhulla, Sher Bagga, Jind Mahi and Kaatteri.

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Sonam Bajwa Net Worth

As of 2023, Sonam Bajwa’s estimated net worth stands at approximately $5 million, equivalent to a substantial 41 Crore Indian rupees. This remarkable financial status is a testament to her flourishing career as an Indian actress and model, renowned for her outstanding performances in notable films such as “Puaada,” “Best of Luck,” and “Carry on Jatta 2.” Sonam’s star power has transcended borders, earning her a dedicated global fan base. Her extensive filmography, including movies, music videos, and television appearances, has solidified her reputation as a dynamic and versatile entertainer.

Sonam Bajwa’s monthly income is reportedly an impressive 15+ Lakh Indian rupees, a testament to her ongoing success in the entertainment industry. Notably, she commands a fee of 2.5+ Crore rupees per movie, a reflection of her status as one of the industry’s top talents.

In addition to her acting career, Sonam Bajwa has ventured into brand endorsements, endorsing products ranging from beauty items to clothing. Her endorsement fee commands an impressive 50+ Lakh rupees per brand association. As a result, her net worth has been on a steady upward trajectory over the years, firmly establishing her as one of the most sought-after and financially successful actresses in India.

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Sonam Bajwa Social Media Accounts

Company Name of account Followers/ subscriber
Instagram sonambajwa 10.9 Million followers
Facebook ThisIsSonamBajwa 1.3 Million followers
Twitter @bajwasonam 184.3K followers



  1. What is the Sonam Bajwa age?

    Sonam Bajwa is 34 years old as of 2023.

  2. What is height of Sonam Bajwa?

    Sonam Bajwa height is around 5.7 inch (170 cm).

  3. Who is Sonam Bajwa Boyfriend?

    As per rumored KL Rahul is the boyfriend of Sonam Bajwa.

  4. What is the monthly income of Sonam Bajwa?

    Sonam Bajwa’s monthly income approx Rs. 15 lakh.  

  5. What is the net worth of Sonam Bajwa ?

    Sonam Bajwa net worth around $5 Million in 2023.

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