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WhatsApp Announce New Feature: Do You Know What ?

On 24 August 2023, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, made an announcement regarding an update to WhatsApp’s functionality. Users now have the ability to form groups on the platform without the necessity of assigning a specific name to the group that means WhatsApp groups no longer need a name. This newly introduced feature will be progressively available worldwide in the upcoming weeks. Zuckerberg even extended an invitation to incorporate his post into relevant articles.

This feature proves to be valuable in situations where there is a need for swiftly creating a group or when a specific topic hasn’t been decided upon yet, as stated by the company. In a notable shift, groups without designated names can encompass up to six participants and will be automatically christened based on the composition of the group.

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The distinctiveness of the group name will vary for each participant, contingent on how their contacts are stored in their respective phones. In cases where you’re added to a group by individuals who haven’t saved your contact, your phone number will be integrated into the group name.

In addition to this, Meta’s messaging platform is also launching a new video messaging feature for iOS users. This enhancement facilitates the immediate recording and sharing of video messages within chats. By tapping the microphone icon during a conversation, users can seamlessly transition to video mode.

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Furthermore, the platform is introducing the capability to share screens during video calls, indicated by a newly incorporated “screen share” button at the commencement of such calls. These enrichments are scheduled to be progressively accessible over the next few weeks.

Notably, in the previous month, the messaging platform had introduced landscape mode support for video calls, along with an option to silence calls from unidentified numbers on iOS. Mark Zuckerberg had also previously disclosed that WhatsApp users can now transmit high-definition photos.

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