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World Athletics Championships 2023: Neeraj Chopra Qualifies for Final

On Friday (25 August 2023), at the World Athletics Championships 2023 in Budapest, Hungary, Neeraj Chopra delivered an exceptional performance, marking both his season’s best and the fourth-best achievement in his career. Securing a spot in the men’s javelin throw final was no challenge as the Olympic champion unleashed an astounding 88.77m throw in his initial attempt. This remarkable feat ensured his seamless entry into the final event scheduled for Sunday, surpassing the required qualification benchmark set at 83m.

Notably, Neeraj Chopra phenomenal throw of 88.77m not only secured his place in the final but also granted him an automatic qualification for the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics. This achievement holds greater significance as the qualifying standard for the Olympics was set at 85.50m. Neeraj’s outstanding performance falls within the qualifying window that opened on July 1, underscoring his prowess and potential on the global athletic stage.

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To contextualize Neeraj’s remarkable performance, it’s noteworthy that among the athletes in qualification set A, only Germany’s Julian Webber managed to surpass the 80m mark during the initial round of throws. Interestingly, none of the remaining 15 athletes in the same group achieved automatic qualification, even after three attempts. Their fate now hinges on the results of qualification set B. If a significant portion of these athletes fall short of breaching the 83m qualification threshold, the top 12 performers from both groups combined will secure their places in the final.

Neeraj Chopra

In the same group, DP Manu, another Indian athlete, clinched the third position with an impressive best throw of 81.31m. This achievement positioned him just behind Webber’s 82.39m. DP Manu stands a strong chance of advancing to the finals, unless nine athletes from the qualification set B outperform him in their throws.

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The reigning champion, Anderson Peters, found himself on the brink of elimination as he delivered a disappointing performance, achieving a mere 78.49m in his best attempt after three tries. This result positioned him in the seventh spot within Group A and his advancement to the finals now relies heavily on a lackluster showing from the majority of athletes in Group B.

A significant factor contributing to the subpar displays by these athletes was the atmospheric conditions, characterized by dense air and crosswinds coming from opposing directions. These conditions presented challenges in attaining greater distances with the javelin. Remarkably, these conditions seemed to have little impact on Neeraj, who came astonishingly close to surpassing his personal best of 89.94m in just a single attempt.

Having secured a silver medal in the previous iteration of the World Championships, Neeraj is now focused on claiming the gold to complete an illustrious collection of titles throughout his career. Notably, Neeraj already holds Olympic gold from Tokyo and boasts titles as an Asian Games and Commonwealth Games champion, in addition to being a Diamond League victor. Despite his accomplishments, the 25-year-old narrowly missed out on winning the World Championship last year in Oregon, finishing second to Anderson Peters.

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