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Rikshawala Web Series Full of Romance Scenes : Don’t Watch in Front of Kids

Amidst the global pandemic, when the world found itself confined to the safety of their homes, individuals turned to online platforms for their entertainment needs. This period witnessed a surge in the release of numerous movies across various digital media, providing the audience with delightful content to savor. This trend continues to persist even today. Regardless of how frequently one visits the traditional cinema for a movie-going experience, it has become evident to the audience that indulging in web series from the comfort of their homes offers a distinct and captivating form of enjoyment.

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Naturally, a requirement for privacy arises when indulging in such types of web series. This is due to the explicit depiction of intense physical activities within these shows, which is unsuitable for viewing in the presence of both adults and children. Consequently, the trend of producing daring web series has gained momentum in recent times. Movies revolving around intimate relationships are consistently being released on diverse online platforms like Ullu, continuing to captivate a fervent audience.

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Rikshawala Web Series

A recent release from the Ullu web series (Rikshawala Web Series) showcases the intriguing narrative of a rickshaw puller.

Brief overview of Rikshawala Ullu Web Series

Title Rikshawala
Category Drama, Romance and Fantasy
Producer Ullu Originals and Ullu OTT App
OTT Platform Ullu App
Star Cast Jinnie Jazz and Maanvi Chugh
Release Date 11/04/2023
Running Time 25-30 Minutes
Country India
Language Hindi

Rikshawala Web Series Story

The storyline unfolds with a housewife deeply concerned about her sisters. Unexpectedly, a connection forms between the rickshaw puller and the sisters, eventually leading to the housewife orchestrating a marital union for the siblings with a young man. Consequently, this situation results in an illicit relationship between Boudi and the aforementioned young man. As the story unfolds, the young man’s attachment to his wife becomes undeniable. The narrative evolves steadily, and post the sisters’ marriages, the rickshaw puller resurfaces in Boudi’s life, reigniting their ongoing dialogue.

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The narrative is enriched with convincingly portrayed, albeit clichéd, romantic sequences, skillfully executed by the entire cast. Performers in these web series are accustomed to participating in scenes of a highly explicit nature. In case you haven’t had the chance to view the video, I recommend exploring the captivating trailer provided below.

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