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Chull Part 3 Ullu Web Series Release Date and Download Links

Chull Part 3 Ullu Web Series, set to release on August 11, 2023, is a highly anticipated Indian Hindi web series exclusively available on the Ullu App. The series features renowned actresses Alpita Banika and Ritu Pandey in the lead roles, adding to the excitement surrounding this upcoming release. Recently, the makers unveiled an official trailer on Ullu’s official YouTube channel, fueling anticipation among the viewers. For further updates and in-depth information about the Chull Part 3 Ullu Web Series, stay tuned with the details provided below. In this article, we are giving a complete overview of Chull Part 3 Ullu web series, encompassing details of the storyline, cast, actors, actresses, release date, how to watch online and Download Full HD 300mb.

Brief overview of Chull Part 3 Ullu Web Series

Title Chull Part 3
Category Comedy, Drama and Romance
Director Viral Bhatt
Producer Ullu Originals and Ullu OTT App
Cinematography Yet to update
OTT Platform Ullu App
No of Episodes Yet to update
Star Cast Alpita Banika, Ritu Pandey, Sandeep Narang, Gulaab Singh and Puneet Kaur
Release Date 11/08/2023
Running Time 25-30 Minutes
Country India
Language Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malyalam

Chull Part 3 Ullu Web Series Cast

Name of Actor Character
Alpita Banika He is playing the leading role in Chull Part 3
Ritu Pandey Leading role
Sandeep Narang Yet to updated soon
Gulaab Singh Yet to updated soon
Puneet Kaur Yet to updated soon


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Chull Part 3 Ullu Web Series Trailer Release Date

On August 6, 2023, Ullu’s official YouTube channel released a teaser of the highly-anticipated Chull Part 3 Web Series, aiming to captivate the audience’s interest. Within a mere day, the video amassed an impressive 70,000+ views. If you haven’t had the chance to watch it yet, you can catch the exciting teaser here.

Chull Part 3 Ullu Web Series Release Date

The highly-anticipated Chull Part 3 Web Series is scheduled for release on the Ullu app on August 11, 2023. This exciting web series comprises a total of 2-3 episodes, with the release date of the first part already confirmed through the Chull Part 3 Ullu Web Series app. As we eagerly await Ullu’s latest offering this season, we’ve already caught a glimpse of the trailer on YouTube. However, the details provided in the trailer were rather brief, leaving us curious about what surprises the web series holds in store for us.

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Chull Part 3 Ullu Web Series Story

Step into the scintillating world of “Chull Part 3,” an enthralling Ullu web series that takes you on a journey through the captivating realms of romance and betrayal in 2023. This gripping show immerses its audience in a world teeming with passion and intrigue, where love and trust intertwine amidst a web of deception and treachery. With a compelling storyline that delves into the depths of human emotions, hearts ignite with desire while shadows of betrayal loom ominously in the background.

As the series unfolds, secrets come to light, relationships are put to the test, and characters engage in a thrilling dance of passion and duplicity. The riveting narrative leaves viewers on the edge of their seats, yearning for more of the irresistible drama that “Chull Part 3” brings to their screens. This sizzling series is bound to captivate and leave its audience craving for more.

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How to Watch Chull Part 3 Ullu Web Series Online?

If you’re interested to watch Chull Part 3 Web  series, you can easily accessible through the Ullu OTT Platform. To access it, you’ll need to become a member of the platform, which involves a small fee.

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  1. Who are the main actors in Chull Part 3 Ullu Web Series?

    Alpita Banika and Ritu Pandey are playing the main role in Chull Part 3 Ullu Web Series.

  2. When will release Chull Part 3 Web Series on Ullu?

    Chull Part 3 will be released on 11 August, 2023 on Ullu App and Ullu OTT.

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