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Chull Web Series : Ullu released another Bold Web Series, Watch From Here

Introducing the latest addition to the Ullu OTT platform’s collection of Hindi language web series – “Chull” Part 1 of this intriguing series made its debut on July 28, 2023, much to the anticipation of viewers. Directed by Viral Bhatt, “Chull” stars Sandeep Narang, Ritu Pandey, Alpita Banika, Gulaab Singh, and Puneet Kaur in prominent roles. In this article, we present a comprehensive overview of the Chull web series, encompassing details of the storyline, cast, actors, actresses, release date, and episode breakdown. Chull Ullu Web Series Release Date, Actress Name, Cast, Story, Trailer and Watch Online

What is Chull Web Series?

Chull is the latest web series that stream on the Ullu Platform. The plot revolves around Kapil, a young and indolent man grappling with unemployment. As the story unfolds, it delves into the life of Kapil, exploring his encounters and experiences that lead to a series of gripping events.

Brief overview of Chull Ullu Web Series  

Title Chull 2023
Category Drama, Romance  and Fantasy
Director Viral Bhatt
Producer Ullu Originals
Cinematography Yet to update
OTT Platform Ullu App
No of Episodes 3
Star Cast Ritu Pandey, Alpita Banika, Sandeep Narang, Gulaab Singh and Puneet Kaur
Release Date 28/07/2023
Running Time 20-25 Minutes
Country India
Language Hindi


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Chull Ullu Web Series Cast

Name of Actor Character
Ritu Pandey Lead Actor
Alpita Banika Lead Actress


Chull Ullu Web Series Trailer Release Date

On July 23, 2023, the official YouTube channel of Ullu released the trailer for the “Chull Ullu Web Series” to generate excitement among the audience. The trailer has quickly garnered thousands of views and has been warmly received by viewers. If you haven’t watched it yet, recommend to checking it out from the video given below.

Chull Ullu Web Series Release Date

The web series titled “Chull Ullu” is available on the Ullu app, and it was released on July 28, 2023. The series comprises a total of four episodes, and the release date for the first part has been officially confirmed through Ullu’s own app. Excitement brews as viewers anticipate what Ullu has in store for this season. Although a trailer for the “Chull Ullu” web series has been released on YouTube, it provided only a brief glimpse with limited details.

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Chull Ullu Web Series Story

Kapil, a young man yet to discover his true purpose, lived with a carefree attitude often perceived as lazy and lacking ambition. He navigated each day without much seriousness, unmotivated by numerous attempts to spur him into action. In an effort to instill responsibility and work ethic, his concerned father extended a chance to prove himself by offering Kapil a position as his assistant at work.

However, instead of seizing the opportunity to turn his life around, Kapil’s attitude remained unchanged. His behavior at the workplace lacked seriousness, and he engaged in inappropriate actions, including making advances towards the company’s owner and her daughter. This not only caused disruptions for himself but also created significant stress for his father. Despite his father’s good intentions, Kapil’s irresponsible actions brought more trouble than resolution. It became evident that a serious awakening was necessary for Kapil to achieve success and respect in his life.

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How to Watch Chull Web Series Online?

Here is complete information on how to watch the “Chull Ullu Web Series” online. If you’re interested in viewing the series, it is easily accessible through the Ullu OTT Platform. To access it, you’ll need to become a member of the platform, which involves a small fee. Ullu OTT Platform offers new drama and romance Web Series every week that quickly gain popularity upon release. If you don’t want to miss out on these captivating Ullu Drama and Romance Web Series, subscribe to the Ullu OTT Platform and enjoy continuous access to their content.

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Various download Links for Chull Ullu Web Series


In a bold and captivating addition to the Ullu OTT platform, “Chull” emerges as the latest Hindi web series to enthrall viewers. With its grand debut on July 28, 2023, anticipation and excitement have been running high among audiences. Directed by the talented Viral Bhatt, “Chull” boasts a stellar cast including Sandeep Narang, Ritu Pandey, Alpita Banika, Gulaab Singh, and Puneet Kaur, each delivering riveting performances in this drama and romance-filled narrative.

The heart of the story lies in the life of Kapil, a young man navigating through an aimless existence, seemingly adrift in the sea of life. Despite numerous attempts to ignite a spark of ambition, his carefree attitude persists, leaving his concerned father searching for a solution. An opportunity arises as his father offers him a chance to prove himself by becoming his assistant at work. However, as fate would have it, Kapil’s journey takes unexpected twists and turns, causing chaos, disruptions, and poignant revelations.


  1. When will release Chull Web Series on Ullu?

    Chull Part 1 Ullu Web Series released on 28th July 2023.

  2. Who is the Star Cast in the Chull Web Series?

    In the Chull Part 1 Ullu Web Series, stars Ritu Pandey and Alpita Banika played the main role in the series.

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